The world is changing. Barriers that once seemed impenetrable—barriers of language, barriers of distance, barriers of financial resources—now seem laughably quaint as an entire “influencer economy” exists to fund jetsetting lifestyles with the profits of Chinese factories. This alone is not particularly novel—sponsored posts from “content creators” are a direct descendent of patronage of the arts. What’s new is the lack of transparency. Instead of wealthy and respected citizens funding artists, we have incorporeal entities, often without so much as a web presence to provide any hint as to their physical whereabouts. 

We want that to change. We support the influencer lifestyle. We think it is so cool that you can travel to the world’s most beautiful places and not be tied down to a desk at a daily 9-to-5. Whether this is actually your job or merely aspirational, we want as many people as possible to have these types of experiences. 

And we want them to have the equipment they need to make the most out of it. That’s where our products come in. Expersion gear is designed to assist you in all your pursuits. Unlike our competitors, who sit for 12 hours a day behind computers in China analyzing the latest “trends,” we design our products in America with Americans in mind. 

My name is Jack Kocsis, and I am a co-founder of this brand. We did not farm out our blog creation to some content marketing firm, and we don’t post under generic Anglo-American pseudonyms like “Scott Jones” (both common tactics of others in this space). We believe in our products, and we are willing to stand behind them in the public square. 

If you like our stuff, then please tell us! If there are things you think we could be doing better, we want to hear that too! We believe Americans should have a say in the collection of products available in the marketplace, especially when we are talking about products they can use to do really cool things. 

This is why we launched Expersion. As you can read about in our Mission Statement, Expersion exists so that you, dear reader, can “experience excursions.” You should be able to live your best life, a life that can properly be described as a 21st-century “American Dream.”

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