Black Backpack


Finally there is a way to showcase your love of country while abiding with modern security measures. Clear backpacks are here to stay, and the least you can do is rock one that displays your patriotism. These clear backpacks from Expersion feature an American flag patch that makes it perfect for school, concerts and sporting events throughout the United States.

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  • CLEAR DESIGN: Clear plastic backpack allows for easy visibility and access through security checkpoints. Since it is see-through, you always know exactly where your belongings are stored.
  • COMFORTABLE: Adjustable padded straps make carrying around this unisex backpack a breeze. Fill it with textbooks, laptops and tablets, and feel practically no weight on your shoulders. Beloved by all patriotic Americans—men and women, boys and girls. Makes for a great gift.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When you take this weather-resistant bag to a game or the beach, it is liable to get dirty. Just wipe off any mud, dirt or sand with a rag or towel, and it will come right off.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: In addition to its large main pocket, this heavy duty 15″x12″x3″ backpack with U.S. flag patch is equipped with 2 smaller zipper compartments in the front for easy access.
  • EXTRA STORAGE: Side mesh pockets allow you to carry water bottles, and 3 tiny pockets in the front are designed to hold pens and pencils.

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