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Where To Get A Fun Clear Backpack For School

In some cases, children are preparing to go back to school after over a year away due to COVID-19. Unsurprisingly, this brings with it a great deal of anxiety, as students have to readjust to the social pressures that come from being around their peers for six hours a day. Making matters worse, in many schools kids will be required to wear a mask. Putting aside the negative psychological and health implications of this, that is a whole new article of clothing they have to worry about being bullied for! 

And the mask is not the only one. In recent years, more and more schools have mandated that backpacks must be either clear plastic or mesh, so that their contents can be seen by teachers and administrators at all times. This means, sadly, that your child will not be allowed to use her beloved Peppa Pig backpack—that is, if you were even able to find one

With the coronavirus throwing a wrench in the normal development product pipeline, there has not really been time for major backpack companies to come out with clear or mesh backpacks with designs that make kids smile (let alone popular among their classmates). Most simply have the brand’s logo on them, whether it is JanSport, Herschel, or something athletic like Adidas or Under Armour. 

Surely, as clear backpack mandates become standard, this will change. But in the meantime, Expersion is the only brand out there that offers such a backpack with a specific theme. Our first version is American flag-themed, but we have plans for future models with more options down the line. We hope that during this stressful time for kids everywhere, displaying their patriotism at school will help them persevere through whatever school throws at them. 

If there is any other design your child would like to be available on one of our clear backpacks, please let us know!

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